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Deep Dive Into Tangible Benefits and Advantages Of INO Networks Group: Yes, Only We Can Offer!

We, INO Networks Group, stand as a premier business networking organization for professionals in the "logistics", "supply chain", "maritime", "aviation", "transportation", and "freight forwarding" sectors. We are confident and can assert that what we offer is unique for freight forwarders and logistics companies. 

However, we believe it's not enough! We are dedicated to becoming the number one choice, pushing boundaries for your success and convenience. The sky is the limit, and with us, your imagination knows no bounds. Share your needs with us, let us analyze your requests, and work diligently to plan and achieve them.

Here are the tangible benefits and advantages we offer to you right now in our networks: Freight Forwarders Family Worldwide Agents NetworkFreight Midpoint International Forwarders Network, and Overseas Project Cargo Association.

1) Enjoy the Data-Driven Networking

Dashboard: In this day and age, understanding data is the key to making the best decisions for any business. A dashboard is a way of displaying various types of visual data in one place and is useful for monitoring, measuring, and analyzing relevant data in key areas. When you become a member of our freight network, you gain a two-way connection: "Member to/from Member" and "Member to/from Network Management". Our dashboard provides statistics about the network itself and allows you to interact with both members and network management. You can review figures for your receivables and payables, vote for a member you cooperate with, see a list of the latest members, and even view the birthdays of members.

2) Minimize Risks, Maximize Trust

Payment Protection Program: Our payment protection program, called INO Global Protection, was created to minimize risks and compensate for unpaid invoices, partly or, if possible, fully, based on the indicated limit per incident between Verified members. It is designed as an economical program and ensures that members have protection by paying the minimum possible fee. This approach provides you with flexibility while cooperating with fellow members and speeds up building cooperation within the network.

3) Shielding Against 3000+ Companies

Global Warning System: This system protects our members from potentially dangerous freight forwarders who are non-members. We consolidate details of companies experiencing payment delays, those that are in debt, do not pay their invoices, or are potentially dishonest from various sources, and share this information with our members through the application. Another amazing feature is that our members can also enter unreliable companies based on their experiences into the system and contribute to the database.

4) Removing A Member After 3 Negative Feedbacks

Blacklisted Agents: Confidentiality and credibility are paramount in our group, as we are devoted to cultivating a secure business ecosystem. A member company may face termination of membership after three negative records. Unresolved invoice issues may result in direct blacklisting. Details of "Blacklisted Agents" are publicly available on "Freight Forwarders Family Worldwide Agents Network", "Freight Midpoint International Forwarders Network", and "Overseas Project Cargo Association". Should a blacklisted agent be identified within the networks, you can find the necessary details in this section.

5) We Track Invoices, You Focus on Business

Payment Monitoring System: We have specifically developed this module for our members to ensure payment balance. Our system automatically manages the tracking of receivable and payable invoices. In addition to saving time, it provides an instant financial status report to the parties involved.

6) Resolve, Report, Protect: Streamlining Member Collaboration

Claim System: You will collaborate with many of our members. As an intermediary, dependent on customer requests, encountering occasional issues is inevitable in business. It is crucial to promptly report any discrepancies and conflicts in shipping modes to the network management, along with feedback on our members' performance. Swift resolution of these issues depends on effective process management. Any disputes among members can be reported through our dedicated module, enabling us to take immediate action to protect all members and assist in solving the issue.

7) Efficient Support, Seamless Solutions: Your Ticket to Smooth Networking

Support System: The support system is a sort of interaction between a member and our support team. When members encounter problems or difficulties that require the attention of the support teams, they create tickets, and our teams then communicate by replying to the tickets. Every ticket created has its unique ticket ID number which makes it easy for our support team to track the status of each ticket. The system is a valuable tool that provides benefits for our members. It offers increased organization and efficiency, improved communication, and better tracking of issues and resolutions.

8) Lexi Miller: Your 24/7 Virtual Support Partner for Instant Solutions

Virtual Support: We understand that traditional customer service channels such as in-person visits, phone calls, or emails may not always meet our members' immediate needs. Our members expect timely resolution of issues and answers to their questions without being constrained by time. In today's digital age, we are committed to supporting our members by introducing Virtual Support available 24/7. For Instance; Named Lexi Miller, our Virtual Support is continuously trained and enhanced to better serve our members in the "3F" (Freight Forwarders Family).

9) Fast Quotes, Seamless Trades

Request For Quotation (RFQ) System: We prioritize the accurate transmission of quote requests among our member agents and ensure prompt responses. This module is designed to swiftly provide exporters and importers with quotes, enhancing efficiency and reliability for our members. It serves you for all shipping modes and incoterms.

10) Stay Connected, Stay Informed

News Feed: Our newsfeed is useful for discovering new content, staying informed, and interacting with other members who share common interests. Our members can inform other fellows, make announcements regarding their needs, and easily reach all members.

11) Expand Your Network: Accessible Connections in Our Membership Directory

Directory: Our Membership Directory enables your team to forge stronger connections with our members. Listing your business in our directory enhances accessibility and visibility. The online directory is continuously updated, available for download in Excel or PDF formats, and can be easily shared within your company.

12) Connect, Collaborate, Satisfy: Seamless Communication for Customer Success

Chat System: We believe that synchronized collaboration among our members and their teams, coupled with instant responses from agents via our platform, and efficient communication management, are crucial for ensuring customer satisfaction (both "exporters" and "importers"). Our chat system enables instant communication with other members. Moreover, you can also chat with your teammates within your own company.

13) Marketing Powerhouse for Our Members

News and Blog: We promote our members and drive traffic to their company websites. The frequency of refreshed, relevant content on our blog or news feed directly impacts the reputation of our members. Regularly updated high-quality content enhances indexing and strengthens the online presence of our members.

14) One Online Meeting and Four Virtual Meetings Per Year

Events System: In the digital business world, while meetings retain their importance, we organize both physical and virtual meetings. Our physical meetings are structured under the unique concept of the "INO Summit" (The joint conference of three well-known "networks": 3FFM, and OPCA). Online Quarterly Business Review meetings help our members stay connected, strengthen existing connections, and meet new members. This facilitates rapid orientation and integration of new members into the network too.

15) Power Your Presence: Showcase, Secure, and Connect with Confidence

Company Profile: Your company profile serves as a professional introduction to your business, informing other members about your products and services. It includes a historical overview, organizational structure, resources, performance metrics, and reputation. Our functional profile also features your bank account details, enhancing security by allowing other members to verify them. It provides shipping instructions for "Sea Freight" and "Air Freight", minimizing documentation errors, and allows members to share reviews about your company. Additionally, the gallery function allows you to showcase your offices, staff, and "projects".

16) Include Your Team: Expand and Excel with Us

Company Users: When your company joins any of our networks, your business will grow and need to add more employees to manage communication with fellow members. We anticipate this need and have designed our system for your convenience. You can easily add additional personnel to your company account and set their permissions for platform usage.

17) Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy: Start Making Money Now!

Get Started: We assist our members in utilizing the network effectively. In this section, members can watch online videos and quickly learn to maximize their benefits and advantages on our high-tech platform.

Sincerely Yours

"Kemal KIRIKKANAT, INO Networks Group Founder and CEO"

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