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Affiliate Programs

The Freight Days can offer your members, users, followers, subscribers, or readers a special discount and creating a new revenue stream for you. By providing a value-added service, you can also enjoy making a profit. If your primary goal is to build and increase brand awareness, we have a partner program tailored for that too. There are no limitations or commitments in any of our programs; you can start and end them whenever you want.

Option 01

Create a Revenue Stream

Your customers belong to you! We don't need to contact them; you are our partner and point of contact. We will provide you with a coupon code registered to your company, organization, or your name. You will share this code with your customers and earn a commission for each ticket sold using that code. Don't worry, your customers will want to buy tickets with your coupon code because the price you offer will be better than the one on our website. This means that your customers will have discounted tickets, and plus you will make money. At the end of each month, we will share the records with you, you will bill us the total amount, and we will make the payment to your account.

Option 02

Brand Partnership or Barter Deal

This program would be more appropriate if your focus is on collaborating to enhance your brand's awareness and leverage our brand's strengths. We can place your logo with a direct link to your website, create news about your products or services, and publish your articles on our website. It will be a great pleasure for us to support you on social media as well. We await the same support from you for "The Freight Days." In this program, you don't need to sell any tickets, so we don't provide a coupon code.

Option 03

Do you need discounted tickets?

You may only be interested in providing discounted tickets to your customers and not in creating a revenue stream. It will be a great pleasure for us to help with that. The ticket price will be the lowest price possible for your customers.

Please contact us at events[AT]

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