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Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is "The Freight Days"?

"The Freight Days" is the name of our online agency business networking platform. It exclusively serves freight forwarders and logistics companies, providing a space for them to connect with new partners and enhance existing relationships for mutual benefits.

2) Is The Freight Days a network or group?

No, it is neither a network nor a group. The Freight Days is an independent virtual networking platform that hosts online events, bringing together leading freight forwarders and logistics companies to discover new partners and foster business development.

3) Should I have a membership in a network or community?

No, you don't have to hold membership in a network or community. The platform is entirely independent and does not organize events for any specific network, group, union, or association.

4) Who can attend "The Freight Days"?

All individuals working at a freight forwarding and/or logistics company can attend the online events. Whether you are part of any division within a freight forwarding or logistics company, you are warmly welcome to participate in the online events.

5) What sets "The Freight Days" apart from other platforms?

"The Freight Days" stands out due to its distinct features. There is no requirement for membership, no membership fees, no pre-scheduling or re-scheduling of one-to-one meetings, no time zone pressure, and no interruption to your daily routine. Participants can simply log in to the platform, choose any online table they prefer, and start networking – hassle-free.

6) What are the benefits and advantages of "The Freight Days"?

The benefits and advantages of "The Freight Days" depend on your business mentality. It caters to those who value time, prioritize speed, are aggressive in marketing and sales, and have a strong desire to expand their business. By participating, you save time and costs associated with physical events, eliminating the need for hotel accommodations, visa arrangements, flight tickets, airport transfers, and meeting scheduling.

7) How can I attend to "The Freight Days"?

To attend "The Freight Days," follow these steps: There are a total of three regional events every month for Europe (GMT+0), America (GMT-6), and Asia (GMT+8) separately. Each event takes place online on Tuesdays (or rarely on Wednesday) in different weeks. Purchase a ticket for the regional event of your choice, your registration confirmed via email, and on the event date, you will receive an exclusive link for the event you registered for.


8) Can I join all events by buying a ticket?

No, the ticket you purchase is valid for a specific event, date, and time. For instance, if you buy a ticket for "The Freight Days – America – 03 April 2024 – Wednesday – Between 08:00 a.m and 06:00 p.m.," it grants you access exclusively to that particular event.

9) What do I need to attend "The Freight Days"?


To attend "The Freight Days," you will need a microphone and camera connected to a laptop or PC for online meetings. We recommend using a laptop or PC with the browsers Google Chrome or Firefox for the best user experience on the platform.


10) Can I test the online platform if it is compatible with my devices?

Yes, please click The Freight Days Solution Partner Link; This page is only for testing your Computer Device, Microphone and Camera before you join the event.

11) When can I access to the virtual networking platform?

You will receive an email with the link to access the virtual networking platform prior to the scheduled event time and date. We will be also informing you with reminders and tips regularly.

12) When will the online one-to-one meeting starts?

The timing of the online one-to-one meetings is entirely flexible and depends on your availability and that of other participants. With hundreds of online delegates, you have the freedom to choose a suitable time to initiate business meetings. The platform becomes accessible based on the published GMT and remains open between 08:00 a.m. and 06:00 p.m., providing a 10-hour duration for each event.

13) Can i change my registration to my colleague?

Yes, if you are unable to participate in the event, you have the option to substitute a colleague to attend in your place at no extra charge. Please note that the fee is non-refundable and non-transferable if providing a replacement isn't possible. Changes to your registration will be processed at no additional cost before the event date.

14) What if there are not enough attendees at an online event?

Although this is a relative situation, we support participants at our best. TFD's concept is based on flexibility. If there are fewer than 100 delegates in an online event, the event is shifted to the next month, your right has been kept and you use the ticket for the next event.

15) Where can I see the attendee list?

The attendee list for each regional event is not shared due to privacy regulations. A maximum of 300 participants is accepted per regional event to ensure productive meetings overall. The Freight Days continuously sells tickets for limited seats every week throughout the year. The excitement lies in the fact that you will be meeting online with representatives from all over the world who are freight forwarder and logistics professionals. The online events provide a unique opportunity to first meet online, get to know each other's companies, and potentially initiate cooperation if all goes well.

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