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How it works?

"The Freight Days" helps freight forwarders and logistics professionals build strong partnerships, develop business and connect with each other just like in real life. "The Freight Days" makes online experiences accessible, cost-effective and as human as possible for everyone. TFD's environment allows business people to build meaningful relationships and conversations.

Virtual Floor Plan

Just like in a real meeting, you can sit at a table, start conversation and networking. The best part is that there's no need to schedule your meeting program or agenda.

The virtual room will be filled with online freight forwarders and logistics professionals for 10 hours, and you pick any of them to start developing business.

The Freight Days-Floor Plan.jpg
Meeting Screen.jpg

One to One or As a Group...

While you are saving time, money and human resources, you will be meeting with focused individuals who aim to develop business in that region.

We are the team behind the online interactive events that connects freight forwarders and logistics people in a more authentic way.

TFD High-Tech Infrastructure!
Let's Meet Our Solution Partner: remo

TFD has partnerships with various service providers to offer you productive online events. One of them is remo, and in this video, you can check out the quality of our infrastructure.

How to open an account and create a profile on the platform of TFD's solution partner: REMO?

Let's Make System Check!

How to login an event at The Freight Days?

How to make meetings at The Freight Days?

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