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We are Delighted to Announce that "The Freight Days" Teams Up with "Container News"

Container News was created by shipping executives and aims to offer fast, accurate, and reliable information to all companies engaged in the container shipping industry. It is a shipping and "maritime news portal", specializing in liner shipping and its container applications. Container News monitors the global liner shipping market and delivers daily news, well-researched information, and data to decision-makers. The readership includes shipping companies and vessel operators, port operators, freight forwarders, export and import companies, traders, shipping executives and professionals, logistics and 3PL companies, container manufacturers and their suppliers, banks, and financial institutions.


As part of Container News and INO Networks Group’s commitment to "digital innovations", we have built cooperation for "The Freight Days" powered by the "INO Networks Group", the leading business networking technology company. The group stands as a premier business networking organization for professionals in the logistics, supply chain, maritime, aviation, transportation, and freight forwarding sectors.


"The Freight Days" (TFD) is an "Online Agency Event Platform" for "freight forwarding" and "logistics companies." TFD brings together industry professionals such as managing directors, marketing, sales, and operations personnel and leads them to develop business. The concept of TFD virtual networking events allows participants to meet instantly and hassle-free without disrupting their programs and daily routines. While freight forwarders develop business online, they save time, money, and human resources.


"Container News" will be providing an exclusive coupon code valid for "The Freight Days" events. This code will offer value-added services to all readers, followers, and subscribers in the freight forwarding and logistics sectors.

Enjoy the special ticket prices provided through Container News.


Sincerely Yours

Kemal KIRIKKANAT, "INO Networks Group" Founder and CEO

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