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The Worst 3000 Companies in Freight Forwarding and Logistics

If there's one topic as crucial as finding good freight agents, it's being able to stay away from bad ones. This is where the experience of "freight forwarder" company owners, directors, managers, or executives comes into play. Patience, analytical thinking, willpower, self-control, and in a sense, avoiding greed play a vital role here.

Everyone is trying to find new customers, both importers and exporters. Though there are tools to secure a freight forwarder itself, naturally, customers who are honest and paying on time are the most desired ones. However, for a freight forwarder, their own agents should also be considered customers. So they should be honest as much as exporters and importer clients.

Technological advancements have significantly leveled the playing field in competition. Small and medium-sized companies can now use the same software that large corporations use by paying affordable subscription fees. We all compete in the same conditions. What makes the success here: It lies in communication quality and communication management.

Freight forwarders and "logistics" companies, - through international agent networks -, can connect with agents that meet specific criteria, fulfill the membership requirements, and are ready to work towards common goals. These networks provide an excellent tool for reaching a ready potential.

Agent networks operate like a closed-loop system. With proper management, the system works seamlessly. When there's a malfunctioning unit or gear, you replace it to prevent it from affecting the rest of the system. In our industry, debtors or delinquents for invoices are blacklisted. The vision of network founders within logistics partnering gives meaning to their authority. However, this power is ineffective in protecting network members from external threats. This is precisely where we have introduced the "Global Warning System" at "INO Networks Group". This system protects our members from potentially dangerous freight forwarders that are non-members.

We consolidate details of companies experiencing payment delays, those that are in debt, do not pay their invoices, or are potentially dishonest from various sources and share them with our members through this application.


This system has four fundamental differences from all other debt recovery agencies: 1) It is fed from Multi-Channel sources, 2) It includes our 15-year database, 3) Our members can also contribute to the system based on their experiences, and 4) Companies that are listed as debtors or dishonest remain permanently in the system.

For example, in any debt recovery agency, a company is removed from the list once it pays its debt. However, this does not necessarily mean that the company has become honest. They might be planning an even bigger fraud. No one can know for sure.

We have prepared the "Global Warning System" for the networks under the INO Networks Group umbrella. Members of Freight Forwarders Family Worldwide Agents NetworkFreight Midpoint International Forwarders Network, and Overseas Project Cargo Association can benefit from this database. Before collaborating with any company, our members can log into their management panels and initially scan this database of 3000 companies to determine if they are about to deal with a company that has come onto our radar.


Since our members can also enter non-member companies that owe them money into this system, you can imagine how effective this system will be. We are committed to providing our members at Freight Forwarders Family W. Agents NetworkFreight Midpoint Int'l Forwarders Network, and Overseas Project Cargo Association with an exceptionally business-friendly ecosystem and a secure environment within the freight forwarding community. 

We, "INO Networks Group", are pleased to offer this service, which no other organization currently provides, to our members. We wish all "Freight Forwarders" and "Logistics" companies a secure collaboration. 

Sincerely Yours

"Kemal KIRIKKANAT", INO Networks Group -

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