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The Great Danger Awaiting Freight Forwarders and Logistics Companies

Almost no "freight forwarder" or "logistics" company is left without being a member of an "agency network". As I have always stated, a strong agency network and long-term partnerships can be achieved by managing communication correctly. While how to manage communication is a topic for a separate article, I must emphasize that culture, corporate culture, and business culture play important roles. Companies that struggle to find culturally aware qualified personnel or fail to train their own staff are likely to find it very difficult to perform in the long run.

Choosing the right agency network contributes to financial balance, healthy cash flow, and ultimately becoming a profitable company. Based on my experiences, I can say that the number of companies that make conscious agency network or group selections is very few. It is unfortunate and equally dangerous to join an agency network just because free membership is offered. It is important to understand the motivation behind joining correctly.

The fact that the networks, groups, or platforms that "freight forwarders" and "logistics" companies join are often run by industry stakeholders, and most of the time by a freight forwarder, poses a significant risk regarding information security. In case of any issues among members, it is a big question mark whether a fair decision will be made. The first thing that comes to mind is a conflict of interest! Therefore, you need to choose a network whose business is pure agent networking.

Another obstacle to progress is that some agent groups or platforms are run by people who are retired, doing this as a hobby, and have no development goals. How ambitious, hardworking, and visionary these people will be is another question mark.

Fashion emerges here as well! If you think that what the majority does is always right, you can choose to join an organization with thousands of members and get lost within that group. It is useful to review how many healthy dialogues and permanent collaborations you can establish with how many people within 2-3 days among thousands of people.

You may have noticed that companies that organize agent networks open many similar groups as they manage. They do not innovate, create concepts, develop software infrastructure, or value the opinions of their members.

Before joining a freight network or group, please pay attention to who manages it, their competence, vision, mission, and focus, I mean core business.

As INO Networks Group, we position our company as a Business Networking Technology company. With the three agency networks we manage, we cater to different goals, strategies, and budgets. Our high-tech infrastructure is unique, and with our in-house software team, we can respond to the needs of our members.

I must mention that instead of doing what many other organizations do, we have developed a new concept for freight forwarders/logistics people. This concept helps companies save time, money, and human resources. You have probably already heard of "The Freight Days", and if you haven't, you might have missed great opportunities.

I wish all freight forwarders and logistics companies success.

"Kemal KIRIKKANAT" "INO Networks Group", Founder and CEO


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